Take A Legendary Nap In The Official 'How I Met Your Mother' Suitjamas!

Take Legendary Nap Officialhow I Met Your Mothersuitjamas

If you've ever watched How I Met Your Mother , you know how seriously Barney Stinson takes his suits. In a few episodes of the long-running CBS sitcom, Barney is even seen wearing a suit to bed. However, it's not your typical professional attire. Instead, Barney wears custom silk 'Suitjamas' for bedtime, and now we can get a pair of our own!

Just like the Suitjamas Barney wears to sleep, this is the finest 4-piece set of sleepwear a man can buy. To provide legendary comfort and luxury they're manufactured from 80% silk with a 20% cotton blend for supreme breathability. Yea, this is definitely the real deal and Barney would be proud of any man classy enough to wear this suit to bed.

The Suitjamas come in a slim-fit design that fits the body more like a suit than a regular pair of PJs and you can even send the creators your measurements to ensure your Suitjamas will fit perfectly. So, what would one have to pay to look this good in the evening? Turns out its not as much as we expected. You can head over to Amazon and score the jacket, pants, shirt and tie for about $90.

If you want to take the extreme sexiness a step further, you also have the option of picking up the black & gold pinstripe Suitjamas for $90... SUIT UP!