Taylor Swift And Avril Lavigne Proved There's No Bad Blood With A 'Complicated' Duet

Taylor Swift Avril Lavigne Proved Theres No Bad Blood With Acomplicatedduet

Both Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne adore their fans, and they're not afraid to show it -- together.

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After some awkward Twitter drama this week when a fan of Taylor's indirectly accused Avril of not giving her fans enough love during meet and greets, the two pop stars came together in the best way they know how -- by appearing on stage hugging one another during Taylor's 1989 World Tour in San Diego.

Even better? They also sang Avril's hit song 'Complicated' to a stadium of screaming fans. Be still my skater girl heart.

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'Such a Pleasure to perform 'Complicated' tonight with @taylorswift on her #1989 world tour! She ROCKS ???' Avril wrote on her Instagram last night, adding , ' She is a Doll ?????? Thank you Taylor for having me up on stage and thank you San Diego ???? #Complicated #Grateful.'


Taylor agreed, saying of Avril on Twitter , ''Complicated' is such a brilliant pop song and I just love her,' and on Instagram , 'Taylor hearts Avril. ?'

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https://instagram.com/p/6_-BM7DvLN/?taken-by=taylorswift https://twitter.com/taylorswift13/status/637871072457572352

Now, can these two collaborate on an album together? Because that would be amazing.