Taylor Swift Gives Harry Styles A Subtle Shoutout In The 'Style' Music Video

Taylor Swift Gives Harry Styles Subtle Shoutout Thestylemusic Video

This morning, Taylor Swift released her video for 'Style,' a song that is ~rumored~ to be about Harry Styles. The jump from 'Style' to 'Styles' doesn't feel like too far of a reach anyway—I mean, come on—but the song's video includes a visual element that basically confirms the dude with the 'long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt' is Harry.

Enter: that paper airplane necklace , which is also mentioned in 'Out Of The Woods.'

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In the beginning of the video, she holds the necklace. There's no overt mention of it, it's just there, hanging.

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Look familiar?

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It's obviously on Taylor's mind a lot because, well, it appears again in a quick flashback-esque sequence. One quick question, though: Is this the original Harry necklace? If so, guess she didn't drop it into the ocean like we previously suspected . Alas.

Watch the full 'Style' video and all its paper airplane necklace visuals, below.