Taylor Swift Has A Trick Shot Named After Her And We're Freaking Out

Taylor Swift Has Trick Shot Named After Her

Taylor Swift has had a lot of success during her short collection of years on this earth -- accrued since 1989, to be precise. But today, she has a new claim to fame: she has a trick shot named after her.

Frisbee trick shot star Brodie Smith -- who has enjoyed his share of fame in the world of people who enjoy throwing things and/or putting them in holes -- posted a Vine to Twitter this week titled 'The T Swift Trick Shot,' in which Smith throws a frisbee expertly into a basketball hoop to the tune of 'Bad Blood.'

And Tay, being a total lurker, went ahead and RT'd Smith's impressive athletic feat.


Maybe your next video could feature an assassin with mad frisbee skills, T Swizz? Just a thought.