Taylor Swift Is A Better Kisser Than Miley Cyrus, Lucas Till Says

Taylor Swift Is Better Kisser Than Miley Cyrus

Lucas Till is a lucky guy. Not only does he star alongside Miley Cyrus in 'Hannah Montana: The Movie,' now on DVD, but he also co-stars with Taylor Swift in her VMA-nominated 'You Belong With Me' video — and the 19-year-old Atlanta native got to kiss them both.

When asked who was the better kisser, Till seemed excited. 'Oh! I know [I don't have to answer that], but I kind of want to answer it,' he laughed. 'I don't know. I don't think you know what you're getting into by letting me answer this.'

Eventually Till did say that he prefers kissing country superstar Taylor Swift, who also made a cameo in 'Hannah Montana: The Movie.' 'I kind of want to go there ... I think ... we're gonna cause something,' he said. 'I think Taylor. I liked kissing Taylor a little more.'

Till also shared that the kiss was something he had hoped would happen long before meeting her. 'Maybe I do [have a crush on her],' he said. 'Maybe I have since I was 16.'

Now that Till's crush on Taylor is out in the open, perhaps his love life will take a turn for the better — since starring in 'Hannah Montana,' he's had a hard time scoring dates.

'All of a sudden I can't get girls,' he said about his newfound stardom. 'Aren't people supposed to do movies so that they can get girls? I don't know what happened. They're thinking something, 'cause they're getting in the way. The problem is, I haven't been back home [to Atlanta] to talk to normal girls. Basically I need to go elsewhere besides L.A.'

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