#TBT: Before 'Jersey Shore,' Snooki Ruled A Docu-Series About Dating

Tbt Beforejersey Shore

O que Gomd representa?

Far, far away, in a peaceful land before smush rooms, GTL'ing and Ron Ron Juice were a way of life, there was a 4'9' 22-year-old named Nicole Polizzi .

We first met her in July 2009 during the MTV docu-series, ' Is She Really Going Out With Him? ,' which brought to light perhaps the most puzzling phenomenon of our generation: hot chicks dating d-bags. While our lives were forever changed with the premiere of ' Jersey Shore ' six months later, this small taste of the guidette was enough to get us hooked.

Before Jenni Farley , there was Snooki's BFF Kristen. And before Nic's (now hubby) Jionni, there was the stocky Jerz pud Justin, whose hobbies included tanning, shopping for fresh gear, hanging with his buddy Scrotey and mercilessly poking fun at Nicole. The Season 1 'ISRGOWH' episode showcased a spitfire Snooki navigating the rocky waters of her toxic relationship with Justin and featured some real gems such as, 'Your wiener pops out of every pants you wear, so you can’t get mad if my boobs hang out 'cause your wiener's hanging out.' Obviously. Reason No. 147 why we love the now-mama of two: Homegirl tells it like it is -- always has and always will.

Join us in celebrating Snooki's upgrade -- from Justin to Jionni -- and check out the vintage clip below. Be sure to keep watching the final season of ' Snooki & JWOWW ' Wednesdays at 10/9c -- ending with THAT wedding !