Teen Mom OG Distrust: Who Leaked Amber's Pregnancy News?

Teen Mom Og Distrust

Amber and Andrew are starting to let loved ones know about their little one on-the-way -- and during this week's Teen Mom OG episode, Amber's mother Tonya and her cousin Krystal learned about the life-changing development (right after Andrew met them for the first time). But unfortunately for Andrew, the dad-to-be did not get the opportunity to reveal the baby to his clan the way he/the couple had hoped.

'Somebody leaked it out somehow,' Amber told her producer David (with Andrew present) about online reports surrounding the pregnancy. 'It's just sad because he wanted to go on Thanksgiving and tell his entire family together.'

'Like, look down the table and let them know about the bun in the oven,' Andrew added.

Andrew elaborated that his pals reached out to him and asked why they were learning about his offspring on social media. From there, Andrew decided to call his mother; initially, she was 'shocked' but 'very happy.'

So who spilled the beans to online publications? Amber had one idea about who didn't share the deeply personal update.

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'It's not Gary,' she adamantly stated. 'Everybody thinks that, but no.'

Who do you think shared Amber and Andrew's baby news? Share your theories, and be sure to keep watching the pair (and their growing bundle of joy) every Monday at 9/8c.