Teen Mom OG's Ryan Reveals How He Got Addicted To Heroin

Teen Mom Ogs Ryan Reveals How He Got Addicted Heroin

Ryan admitted during Part 1 of the Teen Mom OG reunion that his sobriety is 'good' following his recent prison stint (which was chronicled this season). Host Dr. Drew helped the father of two open up about his addiction like never before to 'help other people understand the direction they need to go so this deadly condition doesn't progress in other cases.'

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Maci 's ex began by saying that his struggle with opioids began with painkillers, with him believing he could 'never get addicted to anything.'

But all of that changed when the soon-to-be father of three was on a trip to Atlanta and began to experience withdrawal.

'I remember the first time I felt uncomfortable, and I didn't know what it was,' Ryan told the addiction specialist as well as co-host Nessa. 'I thought I was just sick. And I came home and I was telling my buddy about it, and he was like 'Here, do this.' And instantly I felt better.'

From there, he began to use 'every day, all day.'

'I don't really know what made me start using heroin. I can't remember why I did it,' Ryan stated. 'But I did, and once I did, I never went back to doing anything else.'

While he is now sober, he openly admitted he can't guarantee that he will remain this way for the rest of his life.

'I would love to be, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes,' he concluded.

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