Teen Wolf Uncovered: What Will Happen Now That Liam's Been Exposed As A Supernatural?

Teen Wolf Uncovered What Will Happen Now That Liams Been Exposed

The secret's out about some of Scott McCall's pack, and we have Liam's short fuse to thank for it.

On tonight's Teen Wolf , the alpha-in-training made the massive mistake of wolfing out in public — a major faux pas in the supernatural kingdom. The BHHS senior typically controls his claws with the calming phrase, 'The sun, the moon, the truth,' but that mantra was absent when Liam needed it most.

In the beta's defense, he was working solo to save Brett and Lori from Gerard's inevitable trap after Scott got spiked in the chest. (You know Malia had to stay behind and take Scott's pain because SCALIA !) When piercing sonic emitters corralled a poisoned Brett and his sister out of the underground tunnels and into the street, Liam was right behind, just in time to hear the impact of a car colliding, striking the siblings. And just in time to be spotted by several passersby in all his clawed, fanged, yellow-eyed glory.

If we know anything, it's that Liam loses it when any of his loved ones are in danger — remember when the beta came thisclose to murdering Scott over Hayden ? And we admit, Liam and Lori could have been the next Layden, seeing as the lacrosse captain seemed to be seriously feeling the blonde BHHS student.

The kicker? This was all part of Gerard's dirty plan : 'The best way to build an army is through fear,' stated the old man. And G's army is swiftly growing in number — not only has Liam been found out, but Corey's and Lydia's secret supernatural identities were discovered too, thanks to the chimera getting stabbed in the hand by a suspicious student.

So what will become of our supernatural friends? It's only a matter of time before the Beacon Hills townspeople revolt with the senior Argent at the helm. Comment with your thoughts, and find out what happens to our beloved beta next Sunday at 8/7c.