'Teen Wolf' Monster Mash: These Beacon Hills Beasts Scare The You-Know-What Out Of Us

Teen Wolfmonster Mash

Halloween is an awesome reminder that sometimes, being terrified can be a lot of fun -- and nothing gets our adrenaline pumping like the frights and sights around Beacon Hills.

In observance of the upcoming holiday, we've mined the adventures of our favorite supernatural teens and compiled our own mini ' Teen Wolf ' bestiary -- from the shapeshifters to the Dread Doctors -- to remind you to sleep with a night light:

  1. Werewolves

    Werewolves like Scott and Liam can be absolutely terrifying when they're not busy being super hot. Okay, sometimes they're both.

  2. Nogitsune

    Eek. If your friends are acting like Stiles did, tie them down. Tightly.

  3. Kanima

    This guy almost exclusively exists to keep you up at night wondering if those are scales or just rosacea.

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  4. The Dread Doctors

    Ah! The steampunk version of the nightmare everyone has the day before their first big surgery! Except there's a lot of them!

  5. Chimeras

    Just take all the horrifying things about everything else on this list and multiply it. (Also, it could explode into a pile of black goo and make you cry.) Sweet dreams!

  6. Banshees

    Lydia wouldn't be scary at all if it weren't for the fact that she knows whether or not you're going to die soon -- which is very unsettling to think about.

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  7. Oni

    Give a smoky, disappearing demon a samurai sword, make it incredibly strong, and then add in a dash of unrelenting violence. It's the perfect recipe for 'RUUUUUUNNNN!'

  8. Werecoyotes

    Werecoyotes like Malia are basically wolves that move at super speed. Like 40 mph. So, you know, wear sneakers.

  9. Berserkers

    All the strength of a bear, all the blood-lust of a warrior -- and not to mention, it's wearing a suit of bone-armor. Greeeeeeeaaat.

  10. Wendigos

    These guys look like people until they eat people. Do we need to say more?

  11. Hellhound

    The idea of a fiery, super-strong hunk is kinda cool, but all the carrying dead monsters around doesn't make us feel exactly comfy.

  12. Werejaguars

    Have you ever seen a video of what a jaguar does to its prey? Please do not. You cannot unsee it.

  13. Kitsune

    They're like that kid from elementary school who constantly played pranks. Except with a giant sword. Do your best to stay on their good side.

  14. The Hunters

    Okay, so they're not exactly monsters, but since they're the thing that monsters are scared of, they more than hold their own on this list.

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Got the creeps yet? Let us know what Beacon Hills beast you love the most in the comments below -- and if you're looking for a few more shrieks, you can re-watch your favorite 'Teen Wolf' episodes now before the show finally returns on Tuesday, January 5.