'Teen Wolf' Musings: What If Allison Argent Never Died?

Teen Wolfmusings What If Allison Argent Never Died

We're two episodes into another ' Teen Wolf ' season without our beloved Allison Argent , and we'd be lying if we said we didn't miss the beautiful, unapologetic badass. She died at the hands of the powerful Oni while trying to save her friends — like a true heroine — and things in the spooky town have been very different since her tragic passing .

It's obvious that Scott , Stiles and Lydia still miss the gal who oft gave Katniss Everdeen a run for her money when it came to a bow and arrow, as evidenced by one of the final scenes in the Season 5 premiere when the clan paid tribute to their former classmate:

While the True Alpha has fallen head-over-heels for Kira, he will clearly always have a soft spot for his first love -- as evidenced by his 'AA' above. And though the archer will forever remain with her friends in spirit, what if she physically never left in the first place? What would life be like in Beacon Hills? Lydia still has yet to find a close girlfriend at BHHS; if Allison had stuck around, the banshee might be donning more sweaters and fewer straitjackets. Stiles would probably still be Stiles, but would Scott still find himself kissing Kira in the pouring rain? What would Malia and Liam 's relationship be with Chris Argent's daughter? We can't be sure, but we do know this: The gang would probably stand a better chance against Theo and the Dread Doctors: Instead of supernatural creatures fighting each other, there would be a fearless werewolf hunter to help out — two if we count Allison's father.

How do you think life would be different for Scott and his crew if Allison had never fallen victim to the Oni's sword? Leave your theories in the comments, and catch a new 'TW' episode this Monday at 10/9c.