'Teen Wolf' Poll: Have Ethan And Aiden Proven Themselves Worthy Of Scott's Pack?

Teen Wolfpoll Have Ethan


For certain werewolves, being part of a pack is far more preferable than taking on the big bad supernatural world by themselves, and on ' Teen Wolf ,' it's pretty clear that Ethan and Aiden are more partial to traveling in numbers. After earning a bad rep in Beacon Hills as part of evil Deucalion's now-dissolved band of Alphas, the twins tried to redeem themselves on tonight's episode, but will their efforts be enough to win Scott 's trust?

When Ethan and Aiden came back to BHHS, Isaac , Stiles and Scott were none too pleased, particularly because the two were responsible for Boyd's death. Beating Scott to a bloody pulp didn't necessarily help matters, yet, to be fair, they were only trying to help Scott harness his inner-Alpha. And tonight, they made good on their pledge to prove themselves as worthy Betas when they joined the hunt for serial killer William Barrow.

So, do you think the guys have done enough to demonstrate their loyalty? Or is it going to take a bit more than playing sniff and seek to make up for their past wrongdoings? Vote in the poll!

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