'Teen Wolf' Snackables: Danny Tosses His Christmas Cookies All Over The Floor [GIF]

Teen Wolfsnackables

If you've mastered the art of shielding your eyes through gruesome movie or TV scenes, you are hereby out of luck. The Internet's GIF phenomenon means there's no more squinting until it's over -- because it never is! -- and each week, we'll put the most dry heave-inducing ' Teen Wolf ' moments on loop, just in time for lunch. So grab hold of that bib and enjoy our latest 'Teen Wolf' Snackable!

Overindulging a bit during your recent lunch breaks? Sneaking in a few too many fro-yos to beat the summer heat? Don't panic, we've got the perfect cure for those pesky cravings: a GIF of Danny puking Christmas all over the hospital floor! How's that for an instant appetite suppressant?

During last night's ' Teen Wolf ' episode , Danny tossed his cookies, which included the rather strange ingredient of mistletoe, as Scott 's mom looked on in horror. ('Tis the season?) Before the Beacon Hills gang concluded that The Druid 's latest killing scheme was healer-themed, Danny was targeted for knowing a little bit too much about the pattern, and though Scott's mom ultimately saved him from a collapsed lung, we were first treated to the sweet treat above. It worked to stave off our usual late-night snack hunts, so it's sure to help you through at least one day of dieting. Now go get yourself some ginger ale for that queasy stomach...

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