'Teen Wolf' Teaser Of The Week: Scott Will Inherit A Tattoo From Tyler Posey

Teen Wolfteaser Week

' Teen Wolf ' fans are some of the most needy--in a good way, of course--in MTV history. Clues about characters and story lines are as crucial as the air y'all breathe, and with Season 3 still months away from its premiere, you've been feeling thirstier than ever. Luckily, executive producer Jeff Davis realizes that sharing is caring, so every week leading up to the kickoff he'll be releasing one teaser about the upcoming episodes. Check out the latest below, and feel free to tweet him a thank you note!

'Teen Wolf' Teaser, October 24, 2012:

Tyler Posey 's new tattoo has been worked into the new season. The two bands on his arm have a major significance in the first episode, even providing the thematic foundation for the story. Part of the tattoo, the dB musical note, will still have to be covered up, however. (Side note: d flat is the first note of Tyler's favorite blink-182 song, 'Dick Lips.')

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