'Teen Wolf' Ties: The Very Best Bonding Moments Of Sciles And Stydia

Teen Wolfties Very Best Bonding Moments Sciles

Troublemakers may come and go on ' Teen Wolf ,' but the bonds built within the core of Scott McCall 's pack are tried and true. And as time goes by in Beacon Hills, the friendship between the true Alpha and his bestie Stiles Stilinski , plus the adorable connection that banshee Lydia Martin has forged with the super sleuth, have provided no shortage of comical moments -- and tears during unthinkable supernatural tragedies. And while the forseeable future is not exactly known -- they're SENIORS for crying out loud and getting ready for college -- both pairs have certainly made their fair share of everlasting memories.

Whether Sciles are attempting to stop the madness on the lacrosse field -- or the uncertainty that can occur when it's a full moon -- the longtime pals always bring out the feels and the laughs when they're conquering evil together (proof above). But as evidenced in the trailer for the upcoming season , the duo will experience some conflict when a new lycanthrope comes to town...and it isn't going to be all roses for these two goofballs.

And while it's tough to define the exact status of Stydia -- will they or won't they always just be friends? -- the sparks have definitely flown between the two smarty pants since sophomore year (look no further than the mashup ahead...).

From cracking the dead pool to flirty behavior at that unforgettable high school dance during the inaugural season, there's always been a little somethin' somethin' between the jokester and the redhead beauty -- even though Malia is clearly in the picture.

Relive these duo's best relationship moments and share your favorite scenes in the comments! And be sure to catch the premiere of 'Teen Wolf' on Monday, June 29 at 10/9c!