Terror Runs Deep in 'Shark Night 3D' Trailer

Terror Runs Deep Inshark Night 3dtrailer

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Sharks in a Lake? Nature -- and Hollywood -- will find a way.

Despite its absurd premise, 'Shark Night 3D' might succeed in making everyone afraid to go in any body of water, not just the ocean. CGI sharks could be lurking anywhere, just waiting for the hapless waterskier or dockside sunbather to think there's no way that a salt-water monster could suddenly show up and take a bite out of their fun.

David R. Ellis, the director behind 'Snakes on a Plane' and 'The Final Destination,' and a group of hot twentysomethings bring us this 3D creature feature, which looks like it could be the best jump in the water since, oh, sharks got smart and swam backwards in 'Deep Blue Sea.'

Check out the trailer below, or watch it in HD at iTunes Movie Trailers . 'Shark Night 3D' attacks on Sept. 2, 2011 (trumping 'Piranha 3DD' by more than two months).