'That '70s Show' Actress Lisa Robin Kelly Dead At 43

That70s Showactress Lisa Robin Kelly Dead 43

'That '70s Show' actress Lisa Robin Kelly passed away Wednesday at the age of 43 from unknown causes.

The actress — who was perhaps most famous for her role as Laurie Forman, older sister of Topher Grace's character, Eric Forman on 'That '70s Show' — had had issues with addiction in the past. She had also reportedly been arrested for assault.

Kelly checked into rehab this earlier this week. Her agent, Craig Wyckoff, told MTV News: 'I spoke to her on Monday and she was hopeful and confident, looking forward to putting this part of her life behind her.' Apparently, last spring the actress had intended to make a return to acting after leaving the Fox show in 2003.

'That '70s Show' ran from 1998 to 2006. Kelly appeared on the show until the third season, when her character left to attend beauty school. She later came back for a few episodes in the fifth season, and then was replaced by actress Christina Moore in 2003, who played Laurie Forman until 2004. Kelly told ABC News that she had a drinking problem around the time that she left the show.

'I am not running from this,' Kelly said at the time. 'I have paid my dues and if I can make it through this I can make it through anything.' Unfortunately, the actress's issues with substances did not end there.

'Last night, she lost the battle,' Wyckoff said.

The actress also appeared on 'Married With Children' and 'Charmed.'