'That's My Boy': How Adam Sandler Met Andy Samberg

Thats My Boy How Adam Sandler Met Andy Samberg

It should come as no surprise that Andy Samberg is a big fan of Adam Sandler. The two have a lot in common, after all. They have the same initials. They both dabble in musical comedy. They're both 'Saturday Night Live' veterans. Indeed, Samberg's Sandler fandom is hardly a secret — he spoke with us all about his adoration for the Happy Madison founder during MTV Sneak Peek Week late last month — but it's less clear how Samberg came onto Sandler's radar for a starring role in 'That's My Boy.'

' 'Saturday Night Live,' ' Sandler told MTV News at the movie's junket when asked how he first became aware of Samberg. 'I saw his name, and I knew we had similar names. I asked, 'Why does this kid want to be me so badly?' ' he joked. 'He's a nice kid and a funny kid. I started watching him and I realized this kid is damn good.'

In 'That's My Boy,' which hits theaters on Friday (June 15), Sandler plays Donny Berger, a washed-up '80s-era celebrity best known for getting his math teacher pregnant early in high school. He names his love child Han Solo and feeds him a steady diet of cake and New Kids on the Block tattoos; in short, he's an awesome dad. Somehow, Han grows up to become Todd Peterson (Samberg), a very traumatized but successful finance whiz who, on the eve of his wedding, comes into contact with his father for the first time in years, much to his chagrin.

Sandler and Samberg have the starring roles here, but they're not the only big names in the movie. There are major roles for music icons Rob 'Vanilla Ice' Van Winkle and Ciara as well, surprisingly enough. According to the leading men, Ice and Ciara's relative newness to the comedy scene didn't prevent either one of them from rolling with the punches on set.

'Ice kills it even more than I thought he would,' Samberg said. 'You meet him and he's so nice and obviously he's nice with the rhymes, but he played some real comedy scenes.'

As for Ciara, she 'was just likable and nice and just a good person,' Sandler said. 'And she's pretty good-looking. Better-looking than you, Andy. Right?'

Well, looks like Sandler's not as much of a Samberg fan as we thought!

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