The 'Catfish' Stages Of Emotion, As Told Through Tyler Oakley's Extremely Animated Expressions

Thecatfishstages Emotion

Some ' Catfish ' adventures play out like fairy tales, while others amount to horror stories. But on tonight's episode, which found animated vlogger Tyler Oakley substituting for resident detective Max Joseph , the arc sort of registered like a cartoon.

The spirited guest host joined resident sleuth Nev Schulman on a journey to North Carolina to lend a hand to Daisy, a 22-year-old who was smitten with a man she'd met through Instagram. Marcus, who lived in Ohio, was a source of comfort for Daisy in the wake of her father's death but, as she'd never actually spoken with him on the phone nor seen a picture of him that didn't already exist on his social media feeds, she had reason to believe he wasn't exactly the man she thought he was.

Welp, after much snooping and a trip to Cincinnati, the gang successfully unearthed Marcus, who proved to be the real deal...a very SHY real deal, but a real deal nonetheless. And though the romance between Daisy and Marcus eventually flat-lined, Tyler was just as alive by the episode's end as he was at the get-go.

What did you think of this week's proxy spy? Take a look at GIFs of his many emotions below -- which might reflect your own sentiments while viewing -- and be sure to tune in to the next 'Catfish' episode Wednesday night at 10/9c!

    When you're like: Let's get the ball rolling, 'Catfish'! Every story's gotta start somewhere... When you're like: Come again, 'Catfish'? OK, so we've taken a turn left... When you're like: Aww, this 'Catfish' might be for real! Getting your hopes up is a staple of any episode. When you're like: Do NOT, 'Catfish'! Thought we were friends, man! When you're like: 'Catfish,' are you f***ing kidding? The mask has come off, and we're NOT fans. When you're like: GET OUT OF TOWN, 'CATFISH'! Seriously -- one-way ticket. When you're like: Bye, Felicia ['Catfish']! Fool me once, shame on you... When you're like: This was quite a ride, 'Catfish'! Sure, we might have puked on ourselves, but no regrets!