The 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Post-Credits Character Was Voiced By Someone You Love

Theguardians Galaxypost Credits Character Was Voiced Someone You Love

Spoilers ahead for the post-credits sequence in Marvel's ' Guardians of the Galaxy ,' folks! That means if you'd rather not know, turn away now and know you've been warned/don't yell at us for using your eyes.

OK, good? Now, onto the fun bits: you know that wee moment after the final credits rolled in 'Guardians'? It brought us that funny little moment between The Collector (Benicio Del Toro) and old-timey Marvel standby Howard the Duck ? Yeah, well, just like all the other amazing easter eggs in that movie, ol' Howard over here has a surprising celebrity voice attached to him. 'Robot Chicken' creator and apple of this particular writer's tweenage eye, Seth Green .

The news was confirmed by James Gunn by way of Ain't It Cool News . Green, who has plenty of experience voicing characters and dealing with bizarre be-feathered creatures voiced the wee cameo, of course inciting fans of the oft-maligned but well-beloved character. Even Gunn himself explained is thusly to Ain't It Cool: 'I love Howard the Duck!'

So, that's a pretty neat lil thing, ain't it? Oh those Marvel in-jokes. Between Nathan Fillion, Rob Zombie, and numerous others , who wasn't in this Marvel movie, eh?