The 'Pretty Little Liars' Have Officially Graduated, And We're Already Feeling Nostalgic

Thepretty Little Liarshave Officially Graduated

' Pretty Little Liars ' has officially graduated, and we don't quite know how to process our emotions.

The series wrapped its final day of shooting for the first half of season 6, which means when the Liars return to set, they won't be teenagers any more. Sigh . They grow up so fast.

Well, not really. The Liars have been in their senior year of high school for three seasons now. It's about time they graduated. But when 'PLL' returns for its winter season, the Liars will be five years older. Executive producer Joseph Dougherty confirmed the significant time-jump to MTV News back in March.

'We always knew that we were going to reach a point where we finish the story and then we’re going to catch our breath and take this opportunity to move forward -- literally,' he said. 'Reboot is the word that gets thrown around.'

The 'reboot' is being taken so seriously on set, even the stage door to the 'PLL' lot is a huge spoiler. One photo take on set showed the stage door cloaked in black.

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Last day shooting the summer finale,' assistant director Laura Sylvester posted to Instagram. 'It's so secret we can't even show you the stage door.' Hmm. So ~mysterious.~

Meanwhile, 'Pretty Little Liars' co-creator Marlene King was going through the motions on set. 'Feeling nostalgic tonight,' she wrote. 'Remember where everyone was sitting when Aria found out that Ezra was her teacher? It was the first time the PLLs were all back together in the pilot. #ThatsAWrapOnTheSummerOfAnswers.'

Wait. Does this mean they're going to tear down Ezra's old classroom?! Regardless of how you feel about Ezria, that room harbors a lot of high school memories. This wouldn't be the first time 'PLL' has destroyed beloved sets to make way for newer ones. Last month, production tore down the Liars' iconic bedrooms 'Goodbye and thanks for the 6 years of insanity,' Troian Bellisario wrote on Instagram , saying goodbye to Spencer's bedroom.

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Going into their sixth season, the 'Pretty Little Liars' Powers That Be have teased a more streamlined season. The episode count has been cut -- from 25 to 20 -- and now, the show is saying goodbye to some of its most beloved sets. It truly does feel like the beginning of the end.

That being said, we can't wait to see the new sets for season 6B. Five years is a lot of time for change -- and for rethinking your personal aesthetic ( cough cough , ARIA).