There Was Originally Only Supposed To Be One 'Work' Video

There Was Originally Only Supposed Be Oneworkvideo

Yesterday, we were expecting one fire 'Work' video from Rihanna and Drake — what we got was two. The first, a crowded bar scene, stands in contrast to the intimate, pink-washed second video, and while we'll never complain about getting double the Rihanna and Drake we were expecting, why, exactly, two separate videos were made was not entirely clear.

Turns out, it's not entirely clear to one of the directors either. What Rihanna wants, Rihanna gets.


Entertainment Weekly spoke to Tim Erem, the director behind the second video, and he revealed that two videos were not in the original plan.

'The original 'Work' video was something completely different,' Erem said. 'This pink room was basically just a small setup of that whole original idea we had for it.' He goes on to explain that they then applied the original idea to a different track — please let it be 'Kiss It Better' — and, uh, he doesn't know what is going on with that video right now, just that he hopes we see it soon.

'Rihanna can do whatever she wants,' Erem added. Amen.

You can read the whole thing — which includes a ton of 411 like the fact that they shot the video in an empty Foot Locker — at Entertainment Weekly .