There's A 'Star Wars' Title Crawl Generator And You Can Type Anything Into It. Anything.

Theres Astar Warstitle Crawl Generator

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' Star Wars ,' that little movie franchise you've heard about in passing from literally every single human on earth, has bestowed upon us a gift.

In addition to 21 planets, 153 vehicles and hundreds of characters the franchise has introduced us to, they've created a 'Star Wars' Title Crawl Generator . Now, you can make your very own one of these puppies:

Because the internet is an endless source of trickery, people on Tumblr noticed you can put anything in the generator regardless of its relevance to the galaxy -- so they've been having ~a little fun~ with the possibilities.

From inserting iconic badly written fan fiction to giving Zayn Malik's exit from One Direction the gravity it deserves, these folks show the opening of the 'Star Wars' movies in an entirely new perspective.

Check out a collection of the best below.

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