There's Now A Condom For Your Scrotum

Theres Now Condom

You've never seen a condom like this before. The Scroguard is a new latex barrier that covers non-penis private parts -- a.k.a. the scrotum and everything around it.

'When we started developing this product, we thought, there's gotta be a need for people out there who want an extra layer of security or peace of mind,' Scroguard co-founder Addison Sears-Collins told the Huffington Post .

According to the Scroguard website , it's ideal for 'men with a high sex drive who enjoy sexual variety, couples and individuals who love to swing, casual sex partners and committed couples who want peace of mind.'

I'm going to refer to the Scroguard as a sex diaper, because that's exactly what it looks like...


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So, how does it work? Guys, you simply button the one-size-fits-all sex diaper around your hips and put on a traditional condom as usual.


When playtime is over, you can either (A) handwash the sex diaper and re-use it the next time you wanna get funky, or (B) throw it out. Please choose B.


Side note: Scroguard wins the competition for the most awkward infomercial ever -- that's where all these weird GIFs came from. Watch the full video below if you want to be scarred for life:

But don't get me wrong here -- the Scroguard isn't a complete joke. By covering the entire genital area, you're potentially decreasing the risk of STD transmission. We spoke to a medical doctor who understandably didn't want to be named in an article about scrotum condoms.

'There are definitely some STDs that can be transmitted even if you are wearing a [traditional] condom: Genital herpes, genital warts, anything that's on the skin,' the doctor told us.

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These diseases spread through skin-to-skin contact, so you can still catch them if you touch infected skin or bodily fluids that aren't covered by a traditional condom. That being said, Scroguard isn't a medical device and it's not FDA-approved. It also apparently makes a weird farting noise when you use it.


(That GIF though. What even?!)

The product's website claims this farting is caused by air pockets that form between the latex and skin. The problem is easily solved by refastening the sex diaper on a tighter button -- but try making that adjustment mid-coitus. I bet it'll be pretty damn awkward.

Scroguard's founders know their product looks weird, though. They suggest wearing boxers over it if you're self-conscious.

If this sounds like something you're interested in -- hey, no judgment -- you can purchase the Scroguard for $19.99 here . There's also a pack of six for $89.99 if you're feeling extra frisky.

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