These 13 Eminem And Dr. Dre Tracks Will Get You Ready For 'Compton'

These 13 Eminem Dr

Dr. Dre 's Compton is slated to drop Thursday (August 6) as an exclusive stream via Apple Music. And the project includes a star-studded roster on highly anticipated songs. One of those cuts is 'Medicine Man,' a selection that features Eminem .

This got us thinking about the greatness that Marshall and Andre have produced over the years. So, we took a trip down memory lane to gear up for Compton by looking back at the tracks these two crafted since Slim's early days of wanting to impress his mentor . Plus, we found some of their best bro quotes to highlight their bond. Here's a look at some of their collabs:

  1. 'Guilty Conscience'

    Dre and Slim played Good vs. Evil here, showing how cleverly and expertly the duo could go back-and-forth. Their work in the video also reminded us of Dre's charisma and revealed Slim's comedic and dramatic strengths. Plus, it was our first chance of seeing this one-two knockout punch.

    Bro Quote: 'Mr. Dre/ Mr. N.W.A/Mr. A-K/Comin' straight outta compton/ Y'all better make way!' - Eminem

  2. 'What's The Difference'

    Dr. Dre, Eminem and Xzibit reminded us exactly why they are all, well, different from most other artists with 'What's The Difference,' a potent single off 2001 . But more than that, Em's verse on this cut is evidence of how deep his bond with Dre really is.

    Bro Quote: 'I don't know if I ever told you this/ But I love you, dog/ I got your motherf--kin' back, just know this sh-t.' - Eminem

  3. 'Forgot About Dre'

    2001's 'Forgot About Dre' further solidified this duo's chemistry and moreover proved that the N.W.A icon should never be erased from our memories.

    Bro Quote: 'What do you say/ to somebody you hate/ or anyone trying to bring trouble your way/ Wanna resolve things in a bloodier way/ Just study a tape of N.W.A.' - Eminem

  4. 'I Need A Doctor'

    Em poured his soul to Dre with two emotional, revealing and devastating verses. Meanwhile, The Good Doc delivered a self-aware reminder of his prowess. Plus, the throwback footage in this video acts as a glimpse into the upcoming N.W.A biopic 'Straight Outta Compton.'

    Bro Quote: 'It was you who believed in me when everyone was tellin' you/ don't sign me, everyone at the f--kin' label, let's tell the truth/ You risked your career for me, I know it as well as you/ Nobody wanted to f--k with the white boy, Dre, I’m cryin' in this booth/ You saved my life, now maybe it's my turn to save yours/ But I can never repay you, what you did for me is way more.' - Eminem

  5. 'Crack A Bottle'

    Eminem and Dr. Dre are strong enough names to make a great rap track. But on 'Crack A Bottle,' the dynamic duo enlisted 50 Cent to make this an even stronger powerhouse of a record.

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    Bro Quote: 'The elephants have entered the room/ I venture to say we're the center of attention, it's true/ Not to mention back with a vengeance so here's the signal/ Of the bat symbol/ the platinum trio's back on you hoes.' - Eminem

  6. 'Bitch Please II'

    California combined with Michigan here. This Marshall Mathers LP standout gave the D's Em and Xzibit an opportunity to unite with Cali's Dre, Snoop and Nate Dogg. Oh, and it also gave Slim a chance to try out his Doggfather impression on a cut with The D-O-Double G.

    Bro Quote: 'Just let me lay back and kick some ol' simplistic pimp sh-t/ On Slim's sh-t and start riots like Limp Bizkit/ Throw on 'Guilty Conscience'/ at concerts/ And watch mosh pits/ 'til motherf--kers knock each other unconscious/ Some of these crowds that Slim draws/ is rowdy as Crenshaw/ Boulevard/ When it's packed and full of cars.' - Dr. Dre

  7. 'Say What You Say'

    The Eminem Show's 'Say What You Say' was a staggering dagger in Dr. Dre's beef with Jermaine Dupri and Slim's feud with Benzino. It also showed Em and Dre were quite a tag-team 'like Red and Meth.'

    Bro Quote: 'Dre told me to milk this sh-t for what it's worth...Wasn't for him, I wouldn't be sh-t.' - Eminem

  8. 'If I Get Locked Up'

    Em delivered the hilarious, poignant, vicious, hard-to-believe and offensive bars that he's known to drop on freestyles here. Meanwhile, Dre handled the hook and a few ad-libs.

    Quote: 'Anyway, I got down with Dre/ The first man who taught me how the glock sounded to spray/ Runnin' up and down the street/ Screamin' 'F--k the police'/ When you still had your mother's f--kin' nipple stuck to your teeth.' - Eminem

  9. 'One Last Time'

    Yes, this song's title sounds a bit like 'Old Time's Sake' and perhaps the sentiment is similar, but this one's a bit more uptempo. With 50 added to the line-up, things got even realer.

    Bro Quote: 'Just call on the caped crusaders/ Leave it to me and Dre to pass the mic and we can play the/ Back-and-forth all day like the hot potato game/ That's why we came.' - Eminem

  10. 'Die Hard'

    'Die Hard' is an anthem for those who grind all day and night. It's also like what 'Southpaw's' soundtrack might have sounded like back in 2011 or so. Also, this cut was reportedly meant to be on the since-scrapped Detox LP, and it gave us a glimpse into the ultra secret project The Good Doc was concocting.

    Bro Quote: 'I sit into the wee hours of the night/ And we don't stop until the sunlight/ We just keep going 'cause the die hard/ Won’t go down without a fight.' - Eminem

  11. 'Old Time's Sake'

    Eminem - and the accent he'd later admit was overused - had to reconnect for Relapse 's 'Old Time's Sake' to relive past successes like the ones above. And in the process, it was refreshing to see Em and Dre going back-and-forth again.

    Bro Quote: 'We're what's happening in rap entertainment/ Me and Shady, as far as competition, f----t, there ain't none.' - Dr. Dre

  12. 'Hell Breaks Loose'

    But 'Old Time's Sake' wasn't the only track these two did on Relapse . 'Hell Breaks Loose' also added to their catalog together with a fitting title for what takes place when Dre and Em join forces.

    Bro Quote: 'Your homie rolled in with Mathers and now chaos erupts.' - Dr. Dre

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  13. 'It Ain't Nothin' But Music'

    Eminem used 'It Ain't Nothin' But Music,' another disastrous diss aimed at pop stars and one of his biggest enemies at the time, Everlast. While Dre didn't drop a verse on this cut, he lent his vocals to the D12 hooks.

    Bro Quote: 'What's going on in the world today?/ People fighting, feuding, looting, it's okay/ Let it go, let it flow, let the good times roll/ Tell 'em Dre! It ain't nuttin' but music.' - Eminem & Dr. Dre

Now we can't wait to see the next chapter in this story. August 6 can't come soon enough.