These 15 Senior Yearbook Quotes Will Make You LOL Uncontrollably

These 15 Senior Yearbook Quotes Will Make You Lol Uncontrollably

Typically, it takes four years to graduate high school -- and about five minutes to pick your senior quote, which you almost always remember to submit on the day that it's due.

These seniors have now been immortalized by their hastily chosen quotes. Here are some of the highest quality nuggets of yearbook gold the Internet has to offer:

  • This Introspective Scholar
  • This Heartfelt 'Thank You'
  • This Age-Old Question
  • This Enigmatic Hypothetical
  • This Plan For The Future
  • This Carbohydrate Crusader
  • This Commentary On Academia
  • This Remark On The Power Of Friendship
  • No.
  • This Observation Of The Digital Age
  • This Inspiring Truism
  • This Sincere Reflection
  • This Poetic Verse
  • This Poignant Question
  • This Confession