These 16 Incredible 'Harry Potter' Tattoos Will Stupefy You

These 16 Incredibleharry Pottertattoos Will Stupefy You

The magical saga of Harry Potter will always be a part of us, but for some fans, an intangible memory just wasn't enough to hold on to their love for the wizarding world.

Their solution: creative tattoos made in homage to everything from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to the scar on the forehead of the boy who lived. Potter-related ink is everywhere, and some of it is incredible. How does your Harry Potter body art compare to the best of the best? Take a look at our list of amazing, indelible ink from Potterheads around the globe.

1. Holy patronus, you guys.

2. Wise words for dealing with the non-magic among us.

3-6. The houses of Hogwarts, all represented.

7. A Dark Mark that only shows up in blacklight, for all you secret Death Eaters.

8. This Expecto Patronum tattoo will be the thighlight of your day.

9. Dolores Umbridge strikes again.

10. Somebody caught the Golden Snitch.

11. A killing curse on a flippant finger.

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12. Wisdom from Dumbledore.

13. This Voldemort portrait is probably a horcrux.

14. This creepy sleeve must have taken forever.

15. Long live Dobby, a free elf, x2.

16. And just for good measure, let's not forget the first ever appearance of Harry Potter on the World Cup playing field, when Croatian player Vedran Corluka and his Deathly Hallows tattoo came out to kick some balls.