These 9 'Blue Crush' GIFs Will Make Your Surfer FOMO So Strong

These 9blue Crushgifs Will Make Your Surfer Fomo Strong

Legendary surfer-chick movie ' Blue Crush ' is back on Netflix streaming this month, and I'm feeling all sorts of ways. It's the perfect watch-anytime movie, and it doesn't matter if you fall asleep in the middle, pick up toward the end or play 2048 the entire 104-minute runtime -- no matter what, you're going to come out of it wanting to be a surfer girl. Even moreseo, you'll be convinced that it's possible. I sure am.

nina dobrev e paul wesley

With the thirteenth anniversary of 'Blue Crush' nearly upon us -- on August 16! -- let's celebrate the awesomeness that is the 'Blue Crush' FOMOtivation.

  1. All you need is squad. Universal

    Look at them. JUST LOOK AT THEM. That could be you and your girls!

  2. Kate Bosworth makes it look pretty easy. Universal

    Sooooo casual, monster wave. Nothin'. Yawn.

  3. WE GET IT, OK. Universal

    Just like, whoop, popping over the waves with the greatest of ease! Same!

  4. I'd basically just live in the ocean. Universal

    What did you do today? Watched four hours of 'The Bachelor'? Oh, well, I'm just gonna go kick it with my kickin' tan and my hair that's just, whatever, wavy and perfect from the salt of the ocean . Because I'm a surfer.

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  5. Surfer girls are basically superhuman. Universal

    As if running underwater wasn't enough, gf's got two humans dragging behind her and a big-ass rock in her arms.

  6. They're pretty much fearless. Universal

    Just gonna run head-on into mother nature. Nbd.

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  7. DO THEY EVER GO ON LAND? Universal

    Not really. I've made my peace with it.

  8. OK, in this one, I'll be Michelle Rodriguez. Universal


  9. Just look at this and tell me you can't be a rad AF surfer girl. Universal