These Drawings Of Harry Potter As A Baby Will Break Your Heart

These Drawings Harry Potter

Harry Potter might have ultimately found his happy ending -- fathering children who would follow his infamous footsteps and take Platform 9 3/4 to the Hogwarts Express -- but the fact of the matter is that poor Harry had a really, really rough childhood.

Apart from being in the constant crosshairs of the most lethal wizard the world had ever known, he was also viciously attacked and orphaned as a baby and made to live with his cruel aunt and uncle who made him sleep under the stairs and never gave him anyhing except grief.

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But there was a the briefest of time for Harry when his family was intact, and his parents Lily and James rounded up the picturesque magical family unit and doted on their special boy the way he always deserved.

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And since the books and movies gave us just the barest bones of Harry's time with his parents the 'Harry Potter' fan art community has provided some supplemental imagery to fill in the gaps -- and the results are actually very devastating.

  1. Here Lily and James are shown reading Harry The Tales of Beetle the Bard in bed.

    The 'Tales' were the exact kind of stories wizards would read to their children, so this could have easily happened, and that's a pretty warm and cozy thought. But then it's quickly followed by the realization that he wouldn't remember this moment, and it's suddenly sooo tragic we can't even handle it.

  2. This one shows Snape snooping on the little bundle and his 'rents.

    Diagon Alley was much brighter with James, Lily and the little one roaming around in it, but the family was also ~always~ a source of pain for Severus.

  3. Here's a shot of the Potters casually lounging in a meadow because family.

    Yes, there's something in our eyes -- TEARS.

  4. Even the Potters could enjoy your average day in the snow.

    No spellcasting necessary for this snowman to be pure magic.

  5. Here's the littlest magician have some fun with feathers at night.

    He wouldn't get his acceptance letter to Hogwarts for several years, but he was a born wizard and, if he'd have had his playful father around, he would've been funning with it from the start, we're sure.

  6. Ah, a mother's love ...

    BRB, crying again.

  7. Oh, but here's Harry Pumpkin!!

    What a little BOO!

  8. James and Harry were having the best time together in this one.

    Cute dadstuff.

  9. There's also this Happy Father's Day-themed gut punch.

    Emotions. So many emotions.

  10. Here's the moment when Harry became The Boy Who Lived.

    It's almost too hard to remember, but it did happen. 'Harry Potter' had its moments of levity, sure, but man it was heavy sometimes.

  11. And then here's the ultimate gut punch right here.

    The amount of sad contained in this image is practically cruel. CRY.