These Hozier Covers Take 'Take Me To Church' To Church: Vote For The Best!

These Hozier Covers Taketake Me Churchto Church

So you've heard Ellie Goulding' s cover of 'Take Me To Church,' right? Before we go any further:

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Hozier's 2013 song is definitely a slow burn, and people keep on covering it -- from Ed Sheeran to Kiesza. So after Ellie released her version, I thought I'd round up the best Hozier renditions on the internet:

  1. The Kiesza cover
  2. The cover in a parking garage
  3. The simple piano cover
  4. The girl group cover
  5. The boy band-worthy cover
  6. The echo-y reverb-y cover
  7. The acoustic living room cover
  8. The sweet un-Autotuned cover
  9. Arguably, the only cover you need (Ed Sheeran)