These Ladies Want A Double Shot At Love With DJ Pauly D And Vinny

These Ladies Want Double Shot Love With Dj Pauly D

DJ Pauly D and Vinny are about to have a double shot at love , with 20 contestants getting a chance to win the hearts of Jersey Shore Family Vacation 's iconic duo. Awwww yeah, ladies yeah.

But before we watch the MTV fellas in action at Jenks -- the one-of-a-kind dating show premieres on April 11 -- who will be vying for the guys' affections? Some must-haves: Appreciate a great blowout and the Keto lifestyle.

Check out the gals' bios below, then share your predictions of who you think will capture the heart (or hearts?!) of Pauly and Vinny. And be sure to keep up with MTV News as we approach the debut of Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny on Thursday, April 11!

  1. Alli Adams, 28, Green Bay, WI Scott White
  2. Alysse Joyner, 24, Brooklyn, NY Scott White
  3. Ashley Lands, 24, New York, NY Scott White
  4. Brittani B-lashes Schwartz, 27, Lake Grove, NY Scott White
  5. Brittnay Dawson, 33, Norfolk, NE Scott White
  6. Cate Lapera, 27, Staten Island, NY Scott White
  7. Christina Lawrence, 29, Los Angeles, CA Scott White
  8. Derynn Paige, 25, Franklin Lakes, NJ Scott White
  9. Deseree Flores, 37, Scottsdale, AZ Scott White
  10. Elle Wilson, 25, Waverly, PA Scott White
  11. Holly Gurbisz, 26, Matawan, NJ Scott White
  12. Maria Elizondo, 22, West New York, NJ Scott White
  13. Marissa Lucchese, 22, Massapequa Park, NY Scott White
  14. Michelle Mish Gao, 22, Tustin, CA Scott White
  15. Nadya Erazo, 29, Pomona, CA Scott White
  16. Nikki Hall, 26, Los Angeles, CA Scott White
  17. Shira Tran, 27, New Orleans, LA Scott White
  18. Susan Suzi Baidya, 30, Irvine, CA Scott White
  19. Victoria Fryer, 25, Long Beach, CA Scott White
  20. Zuljeily Andino, 30, Miami, FL Scott White