These Were The Most-Liked Instagram Photos From Hip-Hop Stars In 2015

These Were Most Liked Instagram Photos From Hip Hop Stars 2015

Like most of us, hip-hop's biggest stars use Instagram to post moments from their day-to-day lives, promote something that they've got going on, spread a meme or just share something they felt was worthwhile. Unlike most of us, though, they get hundreds of thousands -- sometimes millions -- of likes on those photos.

Instagram played a big role in the conversation about hip-hop in 2015. Events lived there, as much as anywhere else: From Drake and Meek Mill's feud to Fetty Wap revealing his bold album cover. Plus, it gives fans a part to play, from creating memes that artists eventually see and occasionally repost, to spamming your favorite rapper's foe.

As the year comes to a close, Instagram shared some info with MTV News on a handful telling stats, including the top three most-liked posts of some titans. And maybe not surprisingly: There are a lot of baby pics.


Nicki Minaj

Chris Brown



Wiz Khalifa

degrassi Jay e silent bob

Fetty Wap

Meek Mill