'The Thing About The Internet Is We Take Everything Too Far': YouTube Star Connor Franta Opens Up

Thing About Internet Is We Take Everything Too Far

YouTube sensation Connor Franta is known for his stellar taste, his hilarious (and sometimes incredibly sarcastic) sense of humor, and, of course, those baby blue eyes -- he's got that James Dean daydream look.

Now, at just 22 years old with 5.3 million YouTube followers, Franta has added 'author' to his impressive list of credits. As he sets out for a tour in support of his new book, 'A Work In Progress: A Memoir,' we sat down with him for the skinny on everything from his summer jam to his words of encouragement for LGBT youth.


MTV: What's the main thing you hope readers get from your book?

Franta: Between appearance, sexuality, career and beyond, I've struggled greatly in my mere 22 years of existence. I hope my thoughts and advice can help anyone else going through a similar thing find the confidence I know they have to persevere.

MTV: What was the hardest part of writing it?

Franta: Allowing myself to simply take it one step at a time. Writing an entire book is so intimidating and daunting from the beginning, but once I broke it up and took my time, I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

MTV: How old were you when you decided you would move to L.A. to pursue your dreams? Did you have any doubts before moving?

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Franta: I moved to Los Angeles when I was 20 years old, and was absolutely terrified. I grew up in a small town, so the city itself scared me. I initially did not plan on staying, but fell in love with it and never went home.


MTV: Your videos discuss pop culture (among other topics). What do you love about it?

Connor Franta: I love how pop culture shapes a generation. The trends, fashion and events all play a key part in how we live our present lives, and will mark how we will be remembered in the future.

MTV: Is there anything that annoys you about pop culture right now? Any trends that you wish would just go away?

Franta: Oh boy, don't get me started. The thing about the internet is we take everything too far. Once something becomes 'popular' in our realm, it's everywhere, and I get sick of hearing about it quickly. NO, I DONT WANT TO DO THE KYLIE JENNER LIP CHALLENGE !

MTV: Who's your favorite pop star? Why?

Franta: I'm very into Taylor Swift . From her music to her wardrobe, she is absolutely killing it. Also, she has adorable cats that I would love to pet.

MTV: Do you know what your summer jam is this year yet?

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Franta: 'King' by Years & Years . They're amazing and I'm obsessed with all of their music.

MTV: What do you think constitutes good taste?

Franta: I think good taste is completely subjective. If you enjoy something, that's great! Enjoy it and don't let anyone tell you not to.


MTV: What's your favorite emoji?

Franta: Probably the smirk emoji. It adds the right amount of mystery to any situation.

MTV: How did you choose your coffee line, Common Culture (which helps raise funds for 'giving clean, safe drinking water to people in Africa')?

Franta: I worked with a local roaster and bagging company. I went in for a coffee tasting (yes, it was magical as you think) and chose my favorite bean that came directly from Guatemala. Then I personally designed my bags, decided on the brand messaging and added the charity component. It was a beautiful process.


MTV: Your coming out video has inspired millions of viewers. Do you have any advice for gay teens who are afraid to come out?

Franta: Move at your own pace, don't be afraid -- and know that it's going to be okay.

MTV: What's the best thing that straight allies can do to support their friends?

Franta: If you know anyone struggling with his or her sexuality, the best thing you can do is be there for them, respect the process and treat them the same as you always would. It helps so much to know you're not alone.