Things Got Hard On The 'Magic Mike XXL' Set, Says The Cast

Things Got Hard Themagic Mike Xxlset

There are a lot of hard things about making a male stripper movie, if you know what we're saying, but the hardest thing about the making of ' Magic Mike XXL '? That was a strictly above-the-belt issue.

In other words, the cast was constantly walking the line between hungry and hangry .

Channing Tatum , Adam Rodriguez , Matt Bomer , Joe Manganiello , and Kevin Nash were on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last night (June 15) to discuss the challenges of filming, and the clear consensus was that the dietary deprivation required to maintain their cut physiques was the worst.

'You would always know who was about to carb out, because we hadn't had a carb in -- they'd just start to get pissy, start moaning a lot,' Channing Tatum said.

And Kevin Nash, the most succinct of the 'Magic Mike XXL' crew, summed up the hardship in three words: 'Lack of wine.'

'Magic Mike XXL' hits theaters hard (ahem) on July 1.