This American Horror Story: Roanoke Theory Could Prove Lee’s Innocence

This American Horror Story

American Horror Story has always been about killer plot twists, and Roanoke is no exception. After last week's penultimate episode , we know that final girl Lee Harris (Adina Porter) is off to court to answer for killing both husband Mason (Charles Malik Whitfield) and Monet Tumusiime ( Angela Bassett ).

But what if Lee didn't kill Mason? (We watched her shove Monet off the banister and fall to her death, so no doubt about that homicide.) According to a theory from Reddit user TheStrongGeek , Lee and Mason's daughter Flora (Saniyya Sidney) actually murdered her father.

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Lee quickly became possessed after eating the heart Scáthach gave her, the theory goes, later behaving just as erratically as Agnes Mary Winstead ( Kathy Bates ) did reenacting the Butcher (the real Butcher is actually a silent being). That could mean that the person speaking for the Butcher during the real original incident was none other than Flora.

Remember how the colonists were initially going to murder Flora last? TheStrongGeek believes that Flora, based on her constant 'dazed' demeanor, was already possessed and had already munched on the heart off-camera when she was taken into the woods and missing forever. Or: Shelby, Matt, and Lee could've actually seen Flora eat her heart out (heh, sorry) but omitted that part of their retelling — yet another clue they are unreliable narrators .


Both Mason and Cricket Marlowe went looking for Flora when she was missing, and neither of them met happy ends. TheStrongGeek theorizes that Lee confessed to murdering Mason on tape at the Polk's House of Horrors to protect her child, since Flora only murdered Mason while possessed; she had no idea the evil she was inflicting on her own father.

Reddit user HansGunter pointed out how this idea works in tandem with showrunner Ryan Murphy 's comment about being intrigued by horror dealing 'with the innocence of children, and their wide-eyed way into it.'

If Lee really did try to cover up Flora's violence via possession, then maybe she's not such a crappy mother after all. Tonight is Roanoke 's season finale, but don't worry, guys: Lana Winters ( Sarah Paulson ) will uncover the truth.