This Artful Photo Of Beyonce's Butt Should Be Your New Wallpaper

This Artful Photo Beyonces Butt Should Be Your New Wallpaper

This artful photo of Beyonce

The goddess has entered the building!

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You know that cute kitty rolling around in yarn you've probably got saved as your computer's wallpaper? Well, say buh- bye to Mr. Whiskers, 'cause this photo of Beyoncé and her glorious posterior arriving at the 2012 Met Gala is officially your new desktop background. End of discussion.

(We're just gonna pause to give you a moment to right-click and 'Save As' this ish.)

The ' Drunk In Love ' singer shared the photo on Instagram today sans caption. But, like, does this image need any explanation?

The same goes for our runner-up wallpaper pick , which features Bey kicking back with an ice-cold beer -- a worthy alternative should the more risqué one up top give you the vapors.

This photo of Beyonce kicking back with an ice-cold beer should be your new wallpaper.

Thank god Bey's FINALLY relaxing. She deserves a little R&R more than anybody!

What, you need more context? Fine, here's your story: It's Bey. There's beer. It's beautiful. The end. Good day, sir and/ or madam.

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Instagram