This Catfish Got A Rude Awakening When She Showed Real Photos Of Herself

This Catfish Got Rude Awakening When She Showed Real Photos Herself

Catfish use fake photographs to attract their Internet partners for a variety of reasons -- but when Letrease (who was posing as Tomorrow) showed her online boyfriend Tyreme real snapshots of herself while still faking her identity, he responded negatively. So how can one deal with a situation where the other person does not feel an attraction to you based on authentic images?

Before addressing this topic, a brief look back at the story of Tyreme and Tomorrow: The duo started communicating on Facebook after the father of two sent her a direct message. They quickly forged a best friendship, bonded over their shared diabetes diagnosis and she even helped him through two difficult losses. He also spoke to several of her family members over the phone.

However, Tyreme explained to Nev and Max that Tomorrow's actions began to not make much sense: She claimed her camera was broken on her video chat and the distance (he is based in Virginia, while she claimed to be in Alabama) made an in-person interaction a financial challenge. Tomorrow also stated at one point she was pregnant -- and even sent an image of her bun in the oven -- but then claimed she lost the baby.

Despite all of these instances, Tyreme 'loved her to death' and wanted to finally unite with her in the flesh. But when the detectives got to searching, Tyreme's fears proved to be accurate: A photo from the Tomorrow profile generated a hit from someone else's account. Tyreme also provided a profile for Letrease, Tomorrow's best friend -- and while they deduced her page was legitimate (comments galore), there were no photos of her with Tomorrow. Then the plot thickened: Following a deeper dive through the list of contacts provided by Tyreme, the sleuths found an identical version of the sonogram image Tomorrow sent to Tyreme before her alleged miscarriage.

Messages to Tomorrow's circle of acquaintances went unanswered -- and when Nev and Max explained their confusing findings to Tyreme, the mystery around Tomorrow only intensified. Eventually, though, one of Tomorrow's pal's Christina responded -- and initiated Tyreme coming face-to-face with her buddy.

As expected, Tyreme and the MTV duo got a surprise when they came to C's door: Letrease was actually Tomorrow all along -- and she soon explained that Tyreme had previously opened up about L's profile.

'I have asked you questions about myself -- and you gave me answers that I really didn't want to hear,' Letrease -- who made the fake account to get back at an ex -- explained to Tyreme. She elaborated that he stated Letrease wasn't his type and he would 'never date someone like her.' Even more difficult: As her feelings got deeper, he kept insisting that Letrease was 'ugly,' which only made L's obstacle to come clean about her identity even more daunting.

While Letrease was not truthful about everything -- she was never avec child -- she insisted that her feelings for Tyreme were genuine and was hurt that he couldn't see past her physical appearance. And while Tyreme expressed remorse for the statements he made about Letrease in the past, he still couldn't get over what was on the outside (instead of what they shared on the inside).

While neither Tyreme or Letrease got the happy ending they wanted, how would you would have handled this situation if you were in their shoes? Share your thoughts on this installment in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Catfish on Wednesdays at 10/9c on MTV.