This Guy Is In Love With His Best Friend -- And Went Tattoo Far To Tell Her

This Guy Is Love With His Best Friend

Well, that's one way to tell your best friend you're in love with them.

During tonight's shocking brand-new How Far Is Tattoo Far? episode, close pals Allison and Taj chose to design some everlasting art for each other. First, Allison opted for a large image of herself on his back -- with the message 'Gate Keeper.' But Taj went a bit deeper with his permanent art when he decided to disclose a 'bulldozer'-level secret.

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'You always thought I was gay, but actually I am bisexual and I'm secretly in love with you,' Taj told a teary Allison as she uncovered her tat of the two of them passionately kissing with the message 'Allison + Taj 4 Ever.' The tat was placed above her heart -- and the vital organ was also featured with the sketch of the two mid lip-lock.

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Allison's immediate reaction? Shock. Utter shock.

'You know, I think this is kind of extreme,' a clearly stunned Allison told Taj, as well as hosts Nico Tortorella and Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi. Allison does make a valid point.

Taj's reason for not being truthful and waiting until this moment to pull the shocker: He was 'scared of rejection' and didn't want to lose her as a best friend.

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'He's been dating guys for so long, I was just like 'Oh, my gay best friend,'' Allison admitted. 'Maybe in a different setting, it would have worked just fine, but...I don't think you will ever lose me as a best friend.'

In the end, though, Allison was happy he 'got this off his chest' (and now it's on hers for the rest of her life) and said she was always there for Taj. And three months later, the bond is still strong between the two -- and he shared some big news.

'I do have a boyfriend,' Taj revealed. 'I introduced him to Allison, and she loves and approves of him.'

Well, she is his 'gate keeper,' after all. What did you think of Taj's bold gesture? And if you were in Allison's shoes, could you have remained friends with him? Give your take in the comments, and keep watching How Far Is Tattoo Far? every Thursday at 9/8c!