This Is The Boy Meets World Matthews Family Reunion Photo You’ve Been Waiting For

This Is Boy Meets World Matthews Family Reunion Photo You Ve Been Waiting

This is it, guys. This is what we’ve been waiting for since May 5, 2000 — the day Boy Meets World ended and our hearts melted into a pool of mush after Mr. Feeny said, I love you all. Class dismissed.

On Thursday (July 28), Ben Savage , a.k.a. the boy who met the world, shared a Matthews and friends family photo on Instagram, and it’s the definition of perfect. Seriously, look up it up in the dictionary; I guarantee you’ll find this pic.

All the usual suspects are there (Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Eric, Mr. Feeny, Alan and Amy Matthews, etc.) but we also have Minkus, Harley Keiner, and Mr. Turner, who’ve all made appearances on Girl Meets World . There’s also Shawn’s bride-to-be, Katy ; Riley and Auggie Matthews; and Riley’s BFF, Maya.

But here’s where things get even better. Both Morgans from the original series, Lily Nicksay (Seasons 1-2) and Lindsay Ridgeway (Seasons 3-7), are finally on the Girl Meets World set — on the far right. As we previously wrote , both girls, who played the sole Matthews sister, will be appearing on the Season 3 finale of Girl Meets World .

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Disney–ABC Domestic Television

But what about the boy next to the Morgans and in front of Mr. Turner? For non– Girl Meets World aficionados, he is Joshua Matthews, the youngest Matthews sibling. Played by Uriah Shelton , the role of Joshua was originally played by Daniel Jacobs — son of Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World creator and executive producer Michael Jacobs — in the Boy Meets World finale.

We know Jacobs was on set recently, thanks to a photo both the GMW writers and Savage shared on social media, but it’s unclear if he was just visiting his old fam or is going to make a cameo on the reunion episode. He obviously can’t reprise his role, but we’d be happy just seeing him in the old Matthews environment.