This Is How Blair Witch Should’ve Ended

This Is How Blair Witch Should Ve Ended

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Warning: Major Blair Witch spoilers below.

It's been less than a week since Blair Witch premiered and fans are already divided. Though dubbed a sequel — because we're all just gonna pretend Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 didn't happen — the film was more like a reboot, with protagonist James (James Allen McCune) searching for his sister Heather, who went missing in The Blair Witch Project , making all the same mistakes along the way.

As we mentioned earlier , time works in mysterious ways in the Blair Witch world. All the campers get subsequently caught in a time loop, noticing how the sun never comes up, turning one day into five. In the final scene, James finds the infamous house from Heather's video and goes to search for her, but never actually sees her. He's eventually killed off-screen, along with his friend Lisa (Callie Hernandez), and that's the end of that.

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The mythology of the Blair Witch franchise wasn't explored that much, which seriously felt like a missed opportunity. Reddit user Khal_Froyo came up with a theory on how the film should've incorporated the first film into this new one, seamlessly weaving the two together until audiences started questioning which film they were actually watching — similar to what was done with Insidious: Chapter 2 .

In both Blair Witch and The Blair Witch Project , the campers heard frightening noises and screams from unknown sources. While watching the film, Khal_Froyo hoped the cries James and his friends heard were actually those of Heather and her friends. This would make sense, because both parties had to have been in the same alternate dimension or plane since they managed to find the house, something the police never achieved.

When James entered the house, Khal_Froyo thought James should have been the person who startled Heather at the end of The Blair Witch Project and made her drop her camera , signifying their timelines had, indeed, 'converged.'

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Khal_Froyo went so far as to speculate that maybe James ended up killing his own sister by accident, thinking she was the witch. 'James was so focused on finding Heather that the tragedy of having him be the responsible party that killed her would have brought the whole series full circle and connected the two films,' they wrote. But unfortunately, that's not what happened.

Heather Donahue didn't reprise her role in the sequel, but after reading her piece for The Guardian , I totally understand why. We did get some blatant timeline overlap, since Lisa was revealed (or was she?) to be the reflection James mistakingly thought was Heather in the video from the beginning, but Khal_Froyo's idea on the ending would've really sold the mythos of the Blair Witch.

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