This Is The Powerful Response Two Gang Members Had To Kendrick Lamar's Unifying Sneakers

This Is Powerful Response Two Gang Members Had Kendrick Lamars Unifying Sneakers

The themes behind Kendrick Lamar 's newly released Reebok Ventilators are very clear.

With one of the all-white sneakers emblazoned with the word 'Red' on the heel, and the other sporting 'Blue,' the sneakers are the latest platform the rapper has used for what's become a frequent message in his music: Peace and unity between Bloods and Crips.

The longterm impact that the style statement creates is still unclear, but the immediate response of two otherwise opposing Compton gang members is evident and agreed upon: It's a powerful move with a real chance to create change.

'This message is just about a whole lot of peace and unity, and Kendrick is really giving us a reason and giving us an understanding of why we should have unity,' Jigga, a Crip from Compton, says in a new video released by Top Dawg Entertainment.

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'It's a lot of strength and power in that message,' G Weed, a Piru (which is a set of the Bloods in Compton), agreed.