This Is The ‘Star Wars’ Couple Everyone’s Shipping (Hint: It’s Not Rey And Finn)

This Is Star Wars Couple Everyone S Shipping Hint

Warning: Some Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers ahead.

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By now, it seems half of the galaxy has seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens and has reached a consensus opinion: director J.J. Abrams didn’t royally f—k it up, and managed to keep the spirit of George Lucas’ original trilogy in tact.

Central to Episode VII’s charm was the lineup of new characters, particularly the most heroic trio since Luke, Leia and Han: former Stormtrooper Finn ( John Boyega ), star Resistance pilot Poe ( Oscar Isaac ) and scavenger-turned-Force-yielding-badass Rey ( Daisy Ridley ).

To no one’s surprise, a flirtatious relationship was quickly established between Finn and Rey, although nothing romantic ever really happened with them, aside from some hand-holding and an awkward inquiry about Rey’s relationship status.

Even though the roots are definitely there for Finn and Rey to couple up, though, they’re not the pair that fans are wildly shipping. #PoeFinn is.

Boyega and Isaac beguiled audiences with their shared screen time, and for good reason. After their characters stealthily escaped the First Order's clutches together, their TIE fighter crashed on Jakku and they devastatingly lost each other. But when they finally reunited at the Resistance base, it was a legit touching scene: just check the dramatic slow-mo wonderment of the below GIF, in which Poe grazes Finn’s shoulder — touching the jacket that was actually his to begin with, but that he so generously let Finn keep. (Clothes-sharing is a total boyfriend move, just sayin’.)


As BuzzFeed reporter Ryan Broderick pointed out on Monday (Dec. 21), there are already several dozen Poe-Finn fan fiction entries in the works on Archive Of Our Own (the count is actually closer to 100 as of Monday night).

And tons of fans have taken to Twitter to declare their undying devotion for Poe and Finn, to varying levels of convincingness. Check it out:

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So... will this imagined coupledom come to life in Episode VIII? We won't find out until May 2017, but for now, just consider it another addition to the lengthy list of questions 'The Force Awakens' left us with.