This Is ‘Uge: You Can Now Make Your Own Donald Trump Hat

This Is Uge You Can Now Make Your Own Donald Trump Hat

It's commonly understood that one of Donald Trump's most noteworthy contributions to the 2016 presidential race is his signature red cap that reads 'Make America Great Again.'


Now I know what you're thinking: 'Where can I acquire such a fine sartorial achievement? How will I let everyone -- from my loved ones to total strangers -- know that I, too, love America?'

Never fear, because the Washington Post has created a widget that lets you make your very own, customized Trump hat.

Naturally, my fellow patriots and I at MTV News had to test it out. We drew some inspo from Drake and Future , Magritte , Kanye and more, because, uh, reasons:

The Washington Post/MTV

Oh yeah, we gave a tip o' the hat to Trump, because ok fine whatever.

You can make your own hat here .

What would your hat say? Let us know in the comments.