This Is What Happened When Jay Z Met His Long-Time Impersonator Jay Pharoah

This Is What Happened When Jay Z Met His Long Time Impersonator Jay Pharoah

Saturday Night Live cast member Jay Pharoah is basically the go-to guy for spot-on celebrity impressions. He’s wickedly talented at nailing impersonations of everyone from Denzel Washington and Barack Obama to Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

But perhaps one of his best and most famous impressions is Jay Z . He’s tackled the rapper on SNL before in multiple sketches, so you might think it’d be kind of awkward when they finally met for the first time, right?

The 27-year-old comedian revealed that he recently ran into Jay Z and Beyonce at the afterparty for SNL’s 40th anniversary special at the Plaza Hotel, and they were totally cool with him…for the most part.

At the afterparty, Jay Z came up to me and said ‘What up, fake Jay Z, hahaha,’ and he just walked off,’ Pharaoh told Page Six (in what we can only imagine was a spot-on impression of Jay Z’s infamous laugh).

Beyonce, on the other hand, was a little more hesitant to talk to Pharoah face-to-face.

Beyonce was like, ‘I don’t want to say anything about you because I don’t want you to impersonate me, Pharoah said.

Instead, SNL alum Maya Rudolph tackled that job during the show’s special, reprising her hilarious Beyonce impersonation with a wind-blowing fan and signature Bey leotard.

All this story needs is one of Pharoah-as-Jay Z’s signature hahaha, yep! Hova! to be totally perfect.