This Is What The VMA Red Carpet Looked Like In 2005

This Is What Vma Red Carpet Looked Like 2005

As the Video Music Awards creep closer (next Sunday!!!), we can't stop reminiscing about all the killer outfits from year's past. I mean, some on-point ensembles definitely made an appearance at the 1995 VMAs , but dudes, we HAVE to look at what was happening 10 years ago. The 2005 show was in Miami, which meant a whole lotta beachy ensembs made their way down the white (how appropriate!) carpet. Considering P. Diddy was also the host for the evening, it was a memorable year to say the least, but hey, who else is dyin' to look at some mid-2000s ensembles? Let's do thisss.

  • Kanye West Getty Images

    Kanye obviously took a cue from Miami Vice by opting for a white suit jacket paired with a purple silk shirt (!!!), gray trousers and white loafers. This year he won Best Male Video for 'Jesus Walks,' and TBH, here it looks like he already knew it.

  • Lil' Kim Getty Images

    Even though Lil' Kim had one of the most, um, memorable VMA outfits of all time , she decided to keep it simple at the 2005 VMAs by opting for a mauve wrap dress with metallic heels and handbag. Also, awww, remember chunky highlights?

  • Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Getty Images

    Nick and Jessica's 'Newlyweds' show (on MTV, duh) had just wrapped its third season earlier that year, but we STILL couldn't get enough these two in the mid-2000s. I mean, just look at them: Jessica even matched her sheer ruffled top and skirt to Nick's all-black ensemble.

  • Destiny's Child Getty Images

    By 2005, Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle were no longer wearing their perfectly-matching group ensembles and instead opted for an understated coordinated look: three gorge gowns with tons of sparkle.

  • Rihanna Getty Images

    At Rihanna's first VMAs (!!!), she wore a super low-key sequin vest, tank, white jeans ensemble with her signature body chain. Awww, 17-year-old RiRi. :')

  • Hilary Duff Getty Images

    Hilary Duff definitely channeled a high-fashion flapper with her sequin and fringe frock, and TBH, we could totally see someone sporting this today.

  • Shakira Getty Images

    Remember when dresses over pants were a thing? No? Let Shakira remind you with her green and black VMAs outfit.

  • Kristin Cavallari Getty Images

    When K Cav was still just a high schooler in Laguna Beach, she was already effortlessly nailing red carpets in killer body-con gowns.

  • Lindsay Lohan Getty Images

    Lindsay opted for a throwback leopard off-the-shoulder dress, which matched perfectly with her sandy blonde waves.

  • Bow Wow and Ciara Getty Images

    In case you forgot, Bow Wow and Ciara totally dated in the mid-2000s. Ciara sported a black mini dress with metallic boots while Bow Wow wore a matching red velour number.

  • Alicia Keys Getty Images

    Alicia Keys mastered the low-key-yet-still-red-carpet-ready look in a ruched beige gown paired with a layered necklace.

  • Gwen Stefani Getty Images

    Like Lindsay, Gwen also went the retro route in a leopard halter frock with her signature red lip and pointy pumps. ME-OW.

  • Kelly Clarkson Getty Images

    We hate to pick favorites, but Kelly SERIOUSLY killed it in her fitted gold gown at the 2005 VMAs. Like, this is perfection, people.

  • Paris Hilton Getty Images

    Paris took tie dye to the next level in her embellished gown and updo. Weerkkkk.

  • Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom Getty Images

    Wowowow, remember the most 2000s couple of all time Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom? These bbs coordinated in chic, dark ensembles–and even matching wavy bobs. That's love, y'all.

  • P. Diddy Getty Images

    Of course we had to include the host of the show in his 'God Is The Greatest' tee and wide-leg jeans ensemble. Someone's havin' a blast.

  • Green Day Getty Images

    Green Day won a bajillion awards in 2005–even the most coveted Video of the Year for 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'–and honestly, we gotta give it up to them for always keeping their skinny-jeans-and-creepers look on lock throughout the years.

  • R. Kelly Getty Images

    R. Kelly sported a 'I'm Rick James B---h' tee under his suit, and he REALLY wanted everyone to know about it.

  • Snoop Dogg Getty Images

    Obviously we couldn't pass up this photo of Snoop Dogg in an all white suit with paisley detail because, hi, it's amazing . (You're welcome.)