This Proud Family Fan Theory Will Make You Question Everything

This Proud Family Fan Theory Will Make You Question Everything

Disney Channel's The Proud Family gave a whole new meaning to the term 'dysfunctional family.' From overbearing dad Oscar Proud to crass Suga Mama, Penny Proud's family was definitely not a walk in the park.

They managed to live in a nice house with lots of nice things, despite the fact that veterinarian Trudy Proud had to pay for three kids, two in-laws, a dog, and a husband whose business was pretty much in the toilet, all by herself. So, how do they still have enough to live the lifestyle they do?

Reddit user digikun has a theory about why this is so, but it's actually pretty shocking. Basically, Proud Snax is a front for drug Cartels. Yes, you read that correctly.


Before you start grabbing your orange basketballs to throw in protest, hear me out. Digikun provides some pretty good evidence.

  • For starters, Proud Snax are awful. Like, really, really awful. Disney

    Proud Snax 'makes chips, cookies, and other snackables, but [it's constantly shown] to be just awful — to the point of making anyone who eats them physically ill,' argues digikun. Usually, anyone who doesn't know how they taste quickly bloats and runs off to go vomit. Those who do know the truth, cover their mouth and run away from Oscar in fear of the snacks.

  • And yet, Oscar still makes money. Disney

    Digikun points out how Proud Snax miraculously manages to stay in business, despite seriously low sales. I'm no economics major, but in order to make a profit, don't you have to sell more than your company spends?

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  • Cue: the Boulevardez family moving in across the street. Disney

    LaCienega Boulevardez and her family become neighbors to the Proud family in the show's pilot episode. They're loaded AF, but it also seems super shady. Sunset Boulevardez is a police officer, and last time I checked, they didn't make six or seven figure sums. Felix Boulevardez never seems to have a steady job, always getting involved with Oscar on 'projects.' Here comes the kicker...

  • In order for the Boulevardez family to live their wealthy lifestyle without drawing attention to their financial business, they launder their money through Proud Snax. Disney

    Digikun claimed, 'The Boulevardez family has made most of their money from drug sales ... and in an attempt to launder the money, started looking for failing companies with gullible owners.' (Hello, Oscar Proud!)

    The Reddit user continues by explaining how either Felix or his father Papi discovered the doofy Oscar Proud and decided to use his practically bankrupt company to his advantage. And since Oscar and Felix hit it off so well when they first met, getting Oscar on board was easier than getting Wizard Kelly to talk about himself, y'all.

    'Oscar was easily won over by steaks and a big-screen TV, and soon Felix was able to invest in his company.' Oh, Oscar. You fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

  • The police won't ever catch them. Disney

    'As long as Proud [Snax] continued to hemorrhage money, he'd be able to get his drug money back into their hands in a legal way, by reporting the income as return on investment,' concluded Digikun. So, if everybody did their job and kept their mouth shut, no one would be the wiser.

    I'm just gonna add my own two cents here on this. Since Sunset is a police officer, it's a safe bet she's a dirty cop, one who's able to keep her husband's, ahem, money business away from prying eyes. You can't tell me she's letting this drug scheme go down right under her nose and not know about it. She's in on it, which is probably the only reason neither of the families have been caught.

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