This Woman Allegedly Strips Naked, Stops Traffic And Jumps All Over A Lexus Roof

This Woman Allegedly Strips Naked

Florida drivers have a reputation for being unpredictable. Same can go for the pedestrians.

Last Sunday, Orlando police arrested 31-year-old Amie Carter for an alleged nude rampage at an intersection. According to the arrest report, obtained by the Smoking Gun , a married couple told authorities that Carter approached their 2008 Lexus 'in the middle of the road,' then 'fondled herself' and leapt on top of the vehicle, stomping on the hood and roof until it had sustained $1,500 worth of damage.

Carter also 'threw her phone at the vehicle behind them,' police say. The Lexus owners plan to press charges.

Orange County Jail

When officers arrived, Carter allegedly resisted arrest by 'pulling and kicking her legs into the air' while still in the road. Authorities handcuffed her, gave her a blanket and took her to the hospital before booking her at the Orange County jail.

'She appeared in an altered mental state, displaying extremely irrational and volatile behavior,' police say in the report, possibly due to 'a heavy unknown substance.'

Amie Carter/Facebook

Carter faces charges of criminal mischief and indecent exposure. According to the Smoking Gun , she has priors for drug possession, burglary and DUI. (At least she wasn't in the car this time...?)