This Woman's Lonely Christmas Cards Are A Single Person's Holiday Spirit Animal

This Womans Lonely Christmas Cards Are Single Persons Holiday Spirit Animal

What do you do for a holiday card when all four of your siblings are married with children and your parents, who you've been posing with since you were a kid give you a 'find your own card' ultimatum? Cry? That's not what one woman did.

Texan Bridget McCartney found herself in just that situation -- her mother thought it was a little awkward that her adult child was still posing with her parents on their Christmas cards, and so in 2009, her parents announced that would be the last card their daughter would be in with them. ???

It was then that McCartney had a brilliant idea to get back at everyone in her family who *so cruelly* left her own her own.

Since she was all alone (card-wise) in Christmas 2010, she sent her entire family the following card:

Bridget McCartney

Her mother apparently was not pleased.

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But, as it is with awesome things, the rest of her family loved it -- and she's done it every year since (even after finding a boyfriend of her very own). Let's hope her mom has come around.

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    '[For this one,] I had absolutely no ideas that year. It was actually taken only a couple days before Christmas because I couldn't think of a good idea,' McCartney told MTV News. 'We were actually walking to a Polar Express train ride with my nieces and nephews and I saw the woodsy area and decided to see if we could make something out of me just being drunk in the woods. And of course, I already had a small bottle of whiskey in my pocket, so it worked out perfectly.'

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