This Young Man Got Conned By Not One But Three Catfish

This Young Man Got Conned Not One Three Catfish

How many twists and turns can there be in one Catfish case?

That's the question asked by special guest sleuth Chantal Claret on tonight's episode of the hit series, and the answer is: Enough to make your head spin.

Rock singer Chantal -- filling in for an on-paternity-leave Nev -- posed the query as she and Max sorted through the case of 22-year-old Marvin, who'd met a male model named Austin on Grindr and began an online romance with him. Before long, however, Max and Chantal discovered the photos of 'Austin' seemed to really belong to a man named Miles, and Miles lived in Canada.

So Austin sent fake pics, right? Not necessarily: Under one of Austin's Facebook photos was a comment from a local guy named Woody; he seemed to know Austin and was inviting him to his salon for a haircut. Following that lead, Chantal and Max visited Woody's workplace, and Woody said that while he himself had never met Austin, his friend Kurt had.

Fast-forward to a phone conversation with Kurt, who said he indeed knew Austin and described him in adjectives that made him a dead-ringer for Miles. 'We met [Austin] at one of the clubs here in town,' Kurt said. 'He has long blond hair, kind of light blue eyes. He's a really good-looking guy.'

But then, the sleuths got a call from a man named Isaiah. Isaiah claimed he was -- wait for it -- Kurt's boyfriend, and proclaimed, 'Austin's not a real person. Kurt is behind it. He's evidently pretending to be someone else.'

You still following this? Good.

Isaiah then said Kurt was at a friend's house and gave Max, Chantal and Marvin the address. But when the trio arrived there, they were greeted by...Jason. And before long, Jason emerged from the house with, at last, Kurt. AND a woman named Kylea.

'Why'd you lie to me?' Marvin asked Kurt.

His reply: 'You weren't really talking to me. You were actually talking to Kylea.'

Say what?!

'All of us had the password to the profile; all of us saw every message,' Kylea said. But why were three people catfishing one guy?

'Originally, the profile was created to bust cheaters,' Kylea claimed. But her excuse seemed flimsy, and when Jason and Kurt starting blaming the victim (aka Marvin), Max, Chantal and Marvin hit the road.

The next day, however, the trio again met with the three frauds for some closure, and it was then that Kylea explained her real motive.

'I know what it's like to be on the other end,' she said. 'Most of my boyfriends have not ended up straight. I've been the cover story for almost every single person I've dated. So I had a Grindr account to see if anybody I dated was on there.'

But when the three couldn't really explain why they strung Marvin along -- and then admitted they found their ruse 'funny' -- Max called them out, then insisted they put a post on 'Austin''s Facebook page confessing the entire account was fake.

They did, and promptly said they'd learned their lesson. But have they? Do you think Kurt, Jason and Kylea are done with catfishing? Tell us what you think, then catch another Catfish on Wednesday at 8/7c.