This 'Hunger Games' Quote Quiz Is Harder Than The Quarter Quell

Thishunger Gamesquote Quiz Is Harder Than Quarter Quell

By now you've probably seen the final ' Hunger Games ' film, ' Mockingjay -- Part 2 ,' about 13 times -- an important number for district solidarity, of course -- so the movies are seared into the walls of your brain like a tribute portrait in the faux arena sky [cue the cannons].

But before the movies burned a 'Girl on Fire'-sized hole in your heart, there were the books.

If you haven't read the series, you missed out on a few key things, like Madge Undersee and her mother's unique ties to the arena, Katniss' run-in with Bonnie and Twill, Peeta's robotic leg... so many delicious morsels. So please proceed to do so immediately and thank us later.

But for those of you who did read (and re-read) the books, you know the books >>>> the movies, despite Jennifer Lawrence's general ownage of the central role and a valiant effort by the gamemakers filmmakers.

Chances are, you're having some morphling-like 'Hunger Games' withdrawal symptoms right about now, so we came up with a little game to keep the citizens entertained: Volunteer to test your memory of Suzanne Collins' epic trilogy with this quotes quiz from all three books.

Happy Hunger Games!